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We’re looking for new Trustees to join the GAPS Board

The current Board of Trustees is represented by a range of identities, reflecting a variety of experience in social work and demonstrating a wealth of skills & knowledge; we are keen to further enrich this diversity.  We would particularly welcome applications from those with identities, skills, knowledge and social work experience that are under-represented on our Board. Our current Board of Trustees profiles can be found on our website:
Furthermore, we reserve a place on our board for a student member, this place is currently vacant and we would welcome applicants currently working towards a professional social work qualification.
The board meets four Saturdays per year. Three of these meetings are in central London, the fourth is located wherever we hold the national conference. The Trustees communicate intermittently via email between meetings.
Travel and subsistence costs are paid, but in line with our charitable status, trustees receive no payment for their work.  (More information about the role of charity trustees can be found at:

If you are interested you can tell us more about yourself below or contact us to ask a question:

GAPS Board of Trustees - Expression of Interest

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