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Practice Development Bursaries for GAPS Members

GAPS sets aside a sum of £5,000 annually to support the practice development of our members.  Members may apply for a bursary to fund, for example, conference attendance, setting up a work discussion group, running a workshop, or other practice development opportunities. Applications are subject to the approval of the trustees, who will consider proposals supporting practice development consistent with therapeutic, systemic and/or relationship-based approaches.

You can apply for a bursary using the form below.  Please get in contact if you would like to talk through any questions or concerns.

NEWS – Extending this programme more widely in 2020:
Recognising that the current Covid-19 threat and restrictions has meant that there may be considerably fewer opportunities for practice development, in particular training events and conferences, GAPS will extend the scope of its bursary scheme.
In addition to supporting practice development, during 2020 GAPS would like to also encourage applications for funding (or part funding) for activities which inform social work practice generally. This might include activities which engage with service users or build community if a significant aim of the work is to inform practice.

GAPS Members Bursary Application

Please get in contact if you have any difficulties or questions when completing the form.


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