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Working with the Impact of Childhood Trauma

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Facilitated by Kati Taunt, this workshop sets out to explore the growing body of thought around the impact of early trauma on the developing brain. We will look at studies from both the UK and USA showing the effects across a life time of traumatic experiences that occur in childhood.
We will explore what is meant by “trauma” and how the brain’s survival system adapts in response to abuse and neglect, developing strategies that later become unhelpful and often self sabotaging.
Survival behaviours in children impact whole systems, with parents, carers and teachers being triggered into their own survival roles.
We will look at models of intervention and whole systems approaches to addressing the needs of complexly traumatised children and their systems.
Well, we will make a start… it’s quite a lot to do in one day!!

Kati Taunt
Kati is a registered social worker with 25 years of experience working in residential childcare and specialist child and adolescent mental health services. Kati’s specialist area has always been working with attachment difficulties, developmental trauma, children looked after, foster carers, residential childcare services and the professional networks around children looked after.
Kati is an accredited cognitive behavioural therapist, a systemic practitioner and trained in Theraplay and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing. Kati currently manages the trauma, bereavement and emotional wellbeing services provided by CHUMS, a social enterprise based in Bedfordshire offering mental health services to children and young people.  She provides training around a variety of mental health issues a to a number of services including schools, education support centres, foster carers and social service teams. Her specialist area is that of developmental trauma, attachment and the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences.
Kati is the only licenced ARC (Attachment, Regulation and Competency) trainer in Europe (licenced by the Boston Trauma Centre. USA) and is able to deliver the full ARC training programme, consultation and supervision in using the framework.  She is also continuing to train with The System Centred Training and Research Institute, working to bring systems centred thinking into her practice with individuals, groups and organisations.
Kati is involved with continuing to develop therapeutic foster carer within Hertfordshire County Council and Pride and Sunbeam fostering agencies (Luton and Coventry) as well as providing consultation to a pilot project within Islington Education Authority and within Westminster education Authority introducing “Trauma Informed Schools” to the Boroughs.