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Unconscious Meanings in the Workplace: Work Discussion in Practice and Research

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Second International Conference on Work Discussion
University of Sussex

Work Discussion is a significant element in the curriculum of several  professional trainings and in the continuing development of experienced staff members, leaders and managers, including social work.  It is significant in the education of psychotherapists and psychoanalytic organisational consultants. In fact, there are no obvious limits to the organisational settings for which the exploration of unconscious personal and social dynamics are not relevant.  With a particular focus on social work, this small and sociable conference will follow the Vienna precedent which preceded it by offering a rich opportunity for participants to take part in Work Discussion Seminars in which reports will be presented to small groups and discussed by facilitators, presenters, and members.

Conference participants are invited to a private viewing at the studio of artist, Jenny Shaw, on Saturday  evening (6-7.30pm). Jenny previously taught sociology at the University of Sussex.


ANDREW COOPER: Strange Meeting: The relevance of work discussion to the Brexit crisis

JENIFER WAKELYN: Observation and Attention in Professional Network Meetings for Children in Care

SEBASTIAN KRAEMER: Collective Intelligence at the Front Line

Submissions of proposals for presentations at this conference (300 words max) are invited. They may be about Work Discussion as a method of education and training, as a form of research, an organisational intervention, or on its historical and/or intellectual foundations. They may be for individual papers or panel presentations. Proposals should be submitted by 30 April 2019 for end May announcement of outcome.

For more details and to book your place and/or submit a presentation proposal, visit