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Editorial – Journal of Social Work Practice Vol. 31 Issue 1


Gillian Ruch & Juliet Koprowska

Originally published

February 12, 2018

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The first three of the papers in this issue focus on aspects of staff support and, in differing ways, speak to the widespread concerns about staff wellbeing, resilience and retention that are recognised in the diverse national contexts – Ireland, Denmark and Southern Europe – which the papers represent. In each instance, the paper draws together both the individual and institutional dimensions of the workers’ role and the importance of keeping them in dialogue. This imperative perhaps has never been more significant given the propensity towards pathologising and blaming the individual that is pervading contemporary society, more generally, and the social work professional practice, in particular.

About Gillian Ruch & Juliet Koprowska

Juliet Koprowska and Gillian Ruch are the Co-Editors of the Journal of Social Work Practice.


Editorial – Journal of Social Work Practice Vol. 31 Issue 1

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