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Organisational structure

Organisational structure

GAPS is governed by its Constitution, revised in 2016, which sets out the appointment of Trustees and their roles and responsibilities. Trustees have ultimate responsibility for directing the policy and affairs of the charity, in accordance with Charity Commission requirements and guidelines. The day-to-day running of GAPS is organised by our Coordinator and our Administrator both of whom focus on providing resources and organising events for social work practitioners, managers and other interested parties, promoting the Journal of Social Work Practice and representing the organisation.


At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) GAPS members elect the Trustees – a body that carries ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of a charity, and ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of its members and the public. We currently have nine Trustees:


Chair: Juliet Koprowska – Academic, University of York.

Secretary: Liz Reilly – Independent social worker.

Treasurer: Nigel Elliott – Independent consultant.

Debra Holt – Independent social worker.

Gemma Bond – Social work practitioner and Deputy Team Manager, Looked after Children.

Gill Robinson – Social work manager, mental health services.

Katherine Scanlan – Retired social work practitioner.

Michael Pickerill – Social work practitioner.

Phil Leonard – Independent social worker.


Hannah Pepper – Coordinator.

Stephen Marsden – Administrator.



The main responsibilities of the Chair of GAPS include providing strategic leadership on policy issues, acting as a link between the Trustees and the staff we employ and representing the charity at appropriate events. The responsibilities of the Treasurer are to ensure that proper accounts are kept, and to provide guidance on financial and investment policies. The role of the Secretary is currently focused on co-ordinating the Trustees’ meetings and setting up communication systems within GAPS.

AGM 2018 - 2019

  • Chair's Report PDF 193.39 Kb
  • Treasurer's Report PDF 155.06 Kb
  • Journal of Social Work Practice Editor's Report PDF 102.96 Kb
  • Annual Report & Accounts PDF 74.92 Kb